• N-4-M demonstrating a conceptual understanding of the meaning of the basic arithmetic operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide) and their relationships to each other
  • N-6-M constructing, using, and explaining procedures to compute and estimate with rational numbers employing mental math strategies
  • N-1-H demonstrating an understanding of the real number system
Technology Standards:
  • Select and use appropriate tools and technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks and solve problems.
  • Routinely and efficiently use online information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, publications, communications, and productivity.
Lesson Goal:
The goal of this lesson is to have students review their fraction skills.  This webquest can be used before the topic is taught to see what the students remember or after the topic is taught to review.
Lesson Objective(s):
  1. TSW review the steps to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions using internet websites.
  2. TSW complete an activity sheet on fraction rules and examples following a webquest.
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Wendy Payne
last updated: 7-14-04