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Hello! Welcome to my site. My name is Veronica
Sheridan. I am currently a graduate student at SLU working on my master's in Educational Technology. Part of the requirement is to create web pages as I advance through the program, so please check back each semester to see what I have learned.

Now, for a little background information. I graduated from SLU in 2002 with a BA in Elementary Education. I have taught 1st, 3rd, PK -3, and PK -4. Currently I teach 3rd grade at Byrd Avenue Elementary School
. I love working here, the staff and students are some of the best I've ever worked with.

My other passion is technology. I have always incorporated technology into my classroom in any way I could. Our world is becoming more  technological each day. I firmly believe that I must keep up with these advances so that I can properly prepare my students for their future. To do this, I must be prepared myself. That is why I chose Educational Technology as the field in which to get my master's.

Throughout the rest of my site you will see projects I have created in classes I have already taken and brief descriptions of classes I have not. As I learn new information, I will update the site. Please feel free to look around and enjoy! If you have any question email me and I will respond.

For more information on getting a master's in Educational Technology, please visit the department site .