Master Gardener
Exuberance is Beauty. 
~ William Blake
      As I finish this progam and prepare to move on I think back on all of the things that have transpired. I am like the blooming garden in the summer that  many seeds have been planted and all are begining to blossom. Many new ideas and concepts have been planted in my brain and are ready to sprout giving me the ability to pass on new insight and ideas to all of those that I encounter; student, parent, teacher, or whom ever it may be.
     As I look back I know that I owe a debt of gratitude to many peopleand I would like to say thanks to each and everyone; my family for their support through this endeavor, my peers for all of the morale support, and my prefessors for their sharing of knowledge. I would like to especially thank Dr. Nan Adams for having faith in me when I did not have faith in myself. From the first class (ETEC 695) I had with you to the last you knew what to say to inspire me to be the leader that I have come to be. I have more self confidence because of you I am ready to take on what ever come my way in the technology world and I do feel that I will give it  my all to come up with solutions to benefit all concerned. Dr. Adams you knew when to teach, you knew when to prompt, and most of all you knew when to help, many thanks for all that you  did.
     Am I a master technologist? Is anyone ever a master? This is tough question to answer. I do not think I am the master but I now how the tools to move forward in the technology world.