Someone once said, "Every Journey begins with a single step."

The Beginning

  My journey began a few years back. At the age of 16 I was married and I quit high school. Not a smart thing to do I later learned. But as time moved on I began the journey of finishing my education. I decided to get a high school diploma. I then began attending Southeastern Louisiana University. I received a degree in education and was ready to go to work teaching the children of the world. This was the hardest step but then the first step always is.
     Step two I began teaching at Walker Junior High which is a wonderful job. I enjoy being with the students and helping them as much as I can. After a few years of teaching I began to get excited about computers and wanted more and more of them. I decided to enroll at SLU and work on a degree in technology to help the students to understand it more. Right now I am in the training stage but soon I will be teaching teachers and students that they too can take small steps.
I am most grateful to the people who encouraged me to take those first steps. Now it seems those steps come looking for me. I just cannot get enough of this technology.

   Join me know as I show you a portion of the roads that I have covered over the years at Southeastern Louisiana University.