As I began this journey, I wanted pursue a master's degree to advance my technology skills.  My goal was to learn more about technology and how to implement that technology into my class to better prepare my students for the technology rich world.  Looking back, I now realize that my technology skills were already more advanced than I gave myself credit for.  Throughout this process, I did learn many new software applications and various technology uses for the classroom.  However, I learned more about my leadership skills throughout this program.  I am now a member of the instructional leadership team on my campus and I continue to try and expand these leadership skills through various professional development opportunities.  I also encourage these leadership skills among my students.  I am so glad that I embarked on this journey and never quit along the way. 

I must say that I could not have finished this master’s degree program without the support and encouragement of my peers, but most importantly the support of my husband, Ronnie Templet, and my two children, Katelynn and Brady.  I hope that my children realize that with hard work and dedication they are capable of achieving their goals - just as I have.