When we first started down this road, I thought it would be fun to learn more about technology in education and the coursework has been very interesting. There are so many vast resources, one would have a hard time trying to keep up with it all, even if you are a "techie".

With all of the options available in our district for schools, teachers, students, and parents, I wondered if what we were currently offering was being utilized. Just because something is available, does not mean it is being used. My research proposal was to get confirmation and answers to my pondering and hopefully spark interest in the resources and remedy the situation. What I found is that parental participation in our technology based applications was very low, especially in the schools on the west side. Our survey did encourage questions and interest, and we have begun follow-up procedures with improvements suggested by parents. We will continue to pursue other ways to improve communications between school communities for all teachers, students and parents.