As I take a moment to reflect on my graduate school experience, I am amazed by how far my cohort has come. Whether it be the difficulties in completing coursework or the challenges associated with educating people with different levels of technology experience, we have all grown as leaders and as education professionals.

We experienced tragedy early on when our professor suddenly passed away, and heartache when another moved to another state. Even with these setbacks, we were very blessed to have educators who stuck with us to overcome the challenges associated with reaching our graduation goal. And with all of their help, we preserved to get to where we are today.

Individually, it is difficult for me to separate my graduate learnings with my personal growth. As an educator in Ascension parish, this program meant very much to me with the prospect of future career advancements within the district. This, however, it was not meant to be. During my program, I relocated to another city and school. The challenges associated with this move have truly humbled me. In my new home, I must begin the process of creating personal connections and a reputation for technology competency again.

As a new educator in Lafayette parish, I will take with me the lessons of self-discipline, hard work, understanding, and empathy that I gained through this program. While this new, fresh start will be challenging for me, I can begin this new journey knowing that I can achieve a greater level of competence and mastery over educational technology than before. I have a great deal of anticipation that this portfolio and a graduate degree from Southeastern Louisiana University will aid me in creating new opportunities for myself going forward.

Of course, no educator’s reflection would be complete without mentioning students. These wonderful young adults are the reason why we get up and go to work in the morning and ultimately why we pursue advanced degrees. My students deserve special thanks for the support they have given me in working towards this degree. They forgive me for getting that test paper graded a day too late and are open to being used as “guinea pigs” in the big next assignment. By utilizing technologies in the most efficient and effective way and by serving as a leader in the development and selection of new technology programs, it is my hope that I will be able to give back to the students