I was born and raised in the heart of Cajun country, New Iberia, Louisiana. In school, I developed a passion for technology, history, and music. As a child of the late 80s and 90s, I had the unique ability to grow up during the growth of (and commercialization of) internet service providers. In my hometown, New Iberia, my uncles went into a telecom business creating Acadiana Internet Service Provider, which provided dial-up internet access throughout Acadiana. Throughout the summers, my brothers and I would visit this company to take summer classes and help out with whatever we could. These early experiences caused us to become true digital natives.

During my formative years, I developed a passion for technology, teaching, history, and music. I learned much of the inner workings of high schools as my father was the Science department chair at New Iberia Senior High. It was here that I developed a sense of the career that I would pursue. Once I graduated high school in 2003, I attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and then Louisiana State University in my pursuit of a degree in History with a concentration in Secondary Education. While in college, I continued to participate in music by instructing and arranging the music for the front ensembles at local high school marching bands and indoor drumlines.

My interest in computers and the internet continued throughout school and eventually into college. While attending LSU for my undergraduate degree in History, I took a student worker position in computer maintenance and network administration for the Department of Engineering. The skills that I learned here are invaluable. With the supervision of my boss, I had to monitor computer and network health for over 1000 computers of various makes, models, and operating systems. In a particularly unique experience, my boss and I disassembled, transported, reassembled, and maintained LSU's super computer: "Super Mike." In addition to these responsibilities, I also worked closely with Petroleum Engineering graduate students to develop custom PCs and specialty software. I gained a tremendous amount of computer hardware knowledge and troubleshooting techniques, but perhaps the greater worth of this experience was the indirect social skills I discovered. Many of these students were foreigners from a plethora of countries like Argentina, Nigeria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Working with such a diverse mix of students created in me a greater world view of technology needs and communication approaches.

After graduation, I began teaching at East Ascension High School for six years, where I taught a plethora of courses including Civics, Free Enterprise, World History, World Geography, American History, American History Dual Enrollment, and AP United States History. This experience truly made me the teacher that I am today. At EA, I taught to a wide variety of achievement levels and subjects. With such a variety, I learned to appreciate both the needs of students at all levels, and the benefit of approaching all social studies as being connected to another. I also instructed and arranged music for the marching band’s front ensemble, which allowed me to further appreciate the hard work and excellence that all students are capable of achieving. In my career as a Social Studies educator, I have referred to the knowledge gained from my technology experiences daily. Communication with my students is aided by my experience with foreign students and professors and creating multimedia presentations for my lectures is second nature. I have also assumed a leadership role on campus for technology troubleshooting, advising the purchase of technology for the school, and field testing educational strategies to develop ways to improve student achievement.

Sheherazade, a piece I arranged for the EA marching band's percussion section.

Following my wife’s new and exciting job offer with the 16th Judicial District, we have decided to return home to Cajun country. Currently, I am excited to be an American History gifted and AP United States History teacher at Lafayette High School. I am in the final stages of obtaining my master’s degree in Instructional Technology Leadership at Southeastern Louisiana University and plan to become certified in gifted education shortly thereafter. In my spare time, I love to learn new technologies, listen to music, and go fishing.

A video that I produced showing one of my hobbies, kayak fishing.