Mekella Lloyd

Master's of Education in Educational Technology Leadership

Southeastern Louisiana University

I am a 2008 elementary education graduate of Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. I currently work as a 2nd grade teacher at Hammond Eastside Elementary Magnet School. I have always loved using technology in my classroom because I feel that it is a great way to grab my students' attention and keep them involved in the daily lessons. At my previous school, Martha Vinyard, I was the teacher sponsor for the Technology Club. In this club, the students and I worked hard at finding and making smart board activities that their teachers could use in class in their daily lessons. I have also been one of the people in charge of my current school's website. The school's website consisted of photo galleries of sites and activities around the school, upcoming events, parish wide information, background about the school, and brief information about the staff there. With my interest in technology and longing to want to go back to school a former graduate of the Educational Technology Leadership Masters Program, advised me that this would be the perfect program for me.

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