the Course
There are some big plans to extend this document into a more comprehensive tutorial. Until then here are a few ideas:

Subscribe yourself to all the forums so you keep in touch with your class activity. 

Encourage all the students fill out their user profile (including photos) and read them all - this will help provide some context to their later writings and help you to respond in ways that are tailored to their own needs. 

Keep notes to yourself in the private "Teacher's Forum" (under Administration). This is especially useful when team teaching. 

Use the "Logs" link (under Administration) to get access to complete, raw logs. In there you'll see a link to a popup window that updates every sixty seconds and shows the last hour of activity. This is useful to keep open on your desktop all day so you can feel in touch with what's going on in the course. 

Use the "Activity Reports" (next to each name in the list of all people, or from any user profile page). These provide a great way to see what any particular person has been up to in the course. 

Respond quickly to students. Don't leave it for later - do it right away. Not only is it easy to become overwhelmed with the volume that can be generated, but it's a crucial part of building and maintaining a community feel in your course.
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