News from the Captain


Hi! My name is Kristen Hernandez. I am a sixth grade Math and Science teacher at Carolyn Park Middle School in Slidell, LA. I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Bradley for 3 years now. After dating for 9 years we took the plunge in 2005, right before Hurricane Katrina. I love to sing, play on the computer, watch movies, listen to music, and mostly just relax when I can. Teaching has been my dream since I was five. After four and a half years of teaching, I am glad I chose this profession. My teaching philosophy includes teaching with the “brain in mind” and producing lifelong learners through technology and through a love for learning. I want my students to consider learning fun so they will continue learning long after they have left my classroom. Not only is technology a huge part of our everyday lives, it provides a rich learning environment in today’s classroom. I feel that technology is an exceptional vehicle for addressing students’ individual differences. Effective teachers are also lifelong learners. Being a lifelong learner is important because we as educators need to keep informed of rapidly changing ideas concerning teaching methods and techniques. I have been working on a master’s degree in Technology so that I can use this knowledge to enhance my students learning experiences.