Kurt Hargis's Educational Technology Leadership Portfolio
Southeastern Louisiana University

Other Tech Projects

This page is for the projects have done outside of my college course work for my class.


YouTube Video to Show Control Structures in Java


Providing Data For Co-Workers

A co-worker, Jessica Glass, used data that I compiled for her in a project for class EDL 610 with Professor Adams. Due to the information being about our school profile and I don't have permission to post that information on a website outside of my districts control, I am posting her references page. She cites my work seven times in her report. I highlighted my reference citation.

References JGLASS


Advanc-Ed Survey Writing

The next document is the Student Peformance Section of the Advanc-Ed survey. My principal and I wrote this together, with me collecting and compiling the data. In fact, I edited, along with Principal Weber and former Destrehan Leadership Team Chair Stefanie Ward, the entire document. Stefanie word authored most of the document.

4 - student performance

School Improvement Plan

Originally, I my role in writing the School Improvement Plan was to only compile the data needed for the plan. However, my role grew. In fact, if I would have known that I would now be the chairperson for the Destrehan Leadership Team, I would have written my action research plan on using the School Improvement Plan as a tool for change. Not only did I compile the data, I also authored certain sections dealing with CTED. I also edited the entire plan to align with the District's recommendations for the plan. I also attended a meeting with Central Office Staff including the Superintendent and discussed our plan and how it works with our feeder schools. Due to a family emergency, my principal could not make this meeting leaving the defense of our plan to me. Next year, I will be the point person on making sure the plan is completed on time.

Revision Destrehan High School 2014-15 SIP.doc


Sample of an Email in the Role of the Data Compiler