Kurt Hargis's Educational Technology Leadership Portfolio
Southeastern Louisiana University

ETEC 644: Design and Development of Instructional Software for the Elementary and Secondary School

For this class, we discovered many of the online tools that allow teachers and students to program and develop software to be used in education. Since I teach Computer Science, the main two programs that I focused on were Scratch and Alice since I use them in my class. I teach Java at the AP and Pre-AP level so these programs are great for helping students learn harder core concepts.

For Alice, I created a small movie with no real meaning in and of itself. The actions in the movie are important. There is a small turtle in the background that is walking across the screen. This is important because I did not program either the turtle or the person to walk. I programmed all bipeds to walk. The turtle and the human inherit the walking motion from the biped class. This means if you use the walk method with any biped they would walk the same. Inheritance is a major component of Object Oriented Programming, and this makes it visible for my students. Most students in the ETEC program used the Alice 2.0 version as instructed by Dr. Parton. I choose to use the 3.0 version because instead of using Alice's language it actually uses Java.

Below are three screen captures of the code plus the movie fully rendered.

code for keyboard interaction


main method

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For Scratch, my goal was to show my students what objects are. My students have created great Scratch movies that have help solve geometry problems. I also use scratch projects from other people to teach algorithms and other topics.