Kurt Hargis's Educational Technology Leadership Portfolio
Southeastern Louisiana University

ETEC 630: Technology Planning and Administration - Spring 2013

The focus of this class was on creating a Technology Plan for a district or school. I worked on this project with Katie Cangelosi. We examined Technology Plans online as well the technology plan for the district I work. We interviewed some of the technology leaders of my district. We also surveyed other teachers to see what they would like to have in a technology plan.  One of the major differences from plans that we examined and ours is the obsolescence plan for technology.  We found that many districts want to upgrade computers quickly, which can lead to a budget drain.  We felt that certain labs, such as TV Production and those being used with Industry-Based Certification tests needed to be evaluated on a year-to-year basis.  Writing labs and computer science labs can use older computers for they would not need as much power. 

Here is the final result:

Tech Plan by Kurt Hargis