Kurt Hargis's Educational Technology Leadership Portfolio
Southeastern Louisiana University

ETEC 620: Infusion of Technology into Professional Practice - Spring 2013

The focus in 620 was creating WebQuests for our classed. Because of the classes I teach, Pre-AP and AP Computer Science, it was difficult to find a specific area in which to do a WebQuest. In addition, because of the nature of my kids I wanted to challenge them. One of the websites that instructed on how to do a WebQuest stated it should be on area that is not fun to teach. For my students and me, that would be the first chapter. They really want to get on the computer and program, which means teaching them about the history of Computer Science and programming is a large speed bump to that goal. Therefore, I created two WebQuests that dealt with those topics.

Because I was taking this course concurrently with ETEC 645, it seemed natural to combine what I was doing in that course with my WebQuests. I was creating a Wordpress.com for my class in order to have them do online discussions. Most of my students are introverts, yet they are still opinionated. I wanted my WebQuests to center around comments. They would interact with material but they had to go beyond just viewing it and discussing it verbally. The first Webquest I created was on the History of Computing.

The first Webquest I created was on the History of Computing.

The second was on learning about different programming languages.

In order for these Webquests to be seen, and, hopefully, used by the public, I also placed them on Zunal.

Zunal Webquest: History of Computing

Zunal Webquest: Programming Languages