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Southeastern Louisiana University

About Me

Mini Biography

I grew up in Lockport, Louisiana.   After graduating from Central Lafourche High School, I attended Nicholls State University majoring in History with a minor in English. Grammar has never been my strong suit, but I love to read. Graduate school for history didn’t quite work out for me as I hope so I ended up becoming a teacher.  However, I hated it, so I become an ISP technician for a local telephone company.   That job didn’t pay nearly as well as teaching. Yes, you read that correctly. After being broke for too long, I got back into teaching – for the money.  I ended up at middle school in New Orleans.  I loved teaching this time.  But it was to be short lived because in 2005, like every other teacher in New Orleans, I was fired due to Katrina.  I was hired by Destrehan High School where I eventually became the “computer” teacher after passing the Business education Praxis.  My present job is teaching Computer Science and data analyst for Destrehan. 


The best part of Katrina was that I lost my job.  Sure, teaching at Destrehan is a great job because Destrehan is a great school.  So was my school in New Orleans.  The best thing about losing my job in New Orleans was that I met a fellow teacher at Destrehan who would become my best friend and then my wife.  Cristina was one of the first people I met at Destrehan.  She teaches Civics and in my slightly biased opinion one of the best teachers at our school.  We live in Destrehan with our two cats – Spooky and Button.  I’m really lucky in that I consider my mom, dad, and my sister three of my best friends. In other words, if a man's worth is determine by who is around him, I'm doing quite well.


Until recently, I used to hate to travel. But then, I met Cristina and know I've been to 14 countries.

Mainly, I didn't like to travel because I didn’t want to travel alone. Well, Cristina has changed all that and we are now traveling fools. Poor pity me, she has relatives in Panama City Beach and Orlando, Florida as well as in North Virginia. And to make matters worse, her father's family is from Sulmona, Italy and has aunts and uncles in Melbourne, Australia. It’s such a pain having to go visit the in-laws, if by pain I actually mean a pleasure. We haven’t been to Melbourne yet, but we are working on it. We have been to Europe four times: a thirty day backpacking tour of Western Europe, a Mediterrean cruise, a D-Day tour, and month in Scotland and Ireland. We love traveling (and cooking and eating) so much that we have a blog called CookTravelEat where we share our adventures. Due to graduate school, we have kept up with it in a while. Maybe after #121314selu