Kurt Hargis's Educational Technology Leadership Portfolio
Southeastern Louisiana University


Hello, my name is Kurt Hargis. I'm a computer science teacher at Destrehan High School. I'm currently enrolled in the Educational Technology Leadership Portfolio at Southeastern Louisiana University. The purpose of this website is to display my work that I completed during the program.

My philosophy concerning technology in education is that it is just a tool.  A hammer helps build a house but it's not the house. Technology too often is taught for technology's sake. To me, that's a waste. We now have more access to the world's writings, art, music, and culture then we ever did before. We can design homes on tablets, and print three deminsional objects. Technology is a means to end. It is not the end. Using the internet to analyze the Sistine Chapel does not teach me about the internet. It teaches me about the Sistine Chapel. Even in technology classes, technology is still just a tool. Knowing where everything in Microsoft Word is great, but knowing how to make a well contstructed resume is better.

Honestly, my favorite technological tool is the white board. It is full of possibilities.


Avignon, France 2012