SouthEastern Louisiana University

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My name is Jeremie Peyre. I am a French Academic Interventionist Teacher at Audubon Charter School in New Orleans. I started teaching 8 years ago and have been teaching French as a second language in Louisiana for 4 years. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Educational Leadership and Technology at SouthEastern Louisiana University. I have built this website to present you with the work I did for the last 2 years at SELU. Technology has become a consequent part of people's daily life and is present everywhere even in the Education field. Indeed, for the past decade, we have seen a huge increase in the number of classroom being technology equiped. Therefore, teachers need to be knowledgful on how to use technology to enhance their students'learning. That is wgy I started this Master in Fall 2012. On the left is a list of every course I have taken for this Master. On each page, you will find a description of each course along with the artifacts I have done.