Networking Project for ETEC 650
Beach Street Middle School
West Islip, New York

By: Jenny Causey and Stacey Hoover 
Fall 2001


     Beach Street Middle School is in need of a school network.  We will receive the funding to begin this project.  We will look at our present situation and set our goals for our future.  This plan will be spread out over several years. 
     The first thing that we must do is find out what we have to begin with.  Currently, we have no network wiring in the classrooms.  Each classroom has at least one computer in each classroom, and only half of these have printers.  Networking is available with access to the internet in the library and administrative offices.  We also have three existing computer labs.  These computer labs are not networked outside of the room, and one of the labs has 10 Macs that are networked with Appletalk.

      Our objectives for the future are:

Objective 1.

  • All classrooms  will have Internet access.

  • Each classroom will have at least 4 computers and one printer.

Objective 2.

  • A student management system will be available to all faculty members in their classrooms.

  • Administrative offices will have Internet access.

Objective 3.

  • There will be a 20 position networked lab available for remediation to prepare students for LEAP and GRE.

  • There will be a 20 position networked lab in the business lab.

  • There will be a 20 position networked lab available to teachers for whole class instruction.

     In order to achieve these goals we must begin by wiring the school.  Below you will see the school floor plan with the wiring plans diagramed. Each classroom/room will have at least one drop .  Each wing will have a mid-level router as well as a building router for the entire campus.  There will be three wiring closets to service the school.  One will service the second floor and one will service the first floor and one for the annex.
     The infrastructure budget includes all the necessary materials to put this into play.  We were allotted $44,000 the first year and $42,000 for the subsequent years.  After the first year we will use part of this funding to hire an additional teacher to teach the computer classes.  This will allow us the ability to have a full time technology coordinator.  We will also be purchasing a server that will enable the teachers to use student management software.  The student management software of choice is a grade book software. 
     The new computer lab gets a one time budget of  $44,000.  This money can only be used to purchase materials for student use.  This lab will be furnished with 22 computers with networked printers.  This lab will also have 4 digital cameras, and an LCD projector. 
     It is our desire to bring our school up-to-date in the world of school technology.  By utilizing the budget that we have been given we feel that we are well on our way to achieving this goal.  However, this will continue to be an ongoing process.