The Evaluation

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What websites were visited?  (Resource list)             

How many websites were visited?

How much information was found on each website?

How long is your paper?

How many of the facts that you researched did you address in the paper?
Did you visit an appropriate number of websites? I visited 5 or more websites. I visited 4 websites. I visited 3 websites.  I visited 2 or less websites.
Did you record information from each website? I found 4 or more facts on each website I found 3 facts on each website. I found 2 facts on each website.  I found one or no facts on each website.
How long is you paper? My paper is 2 or more pages long. My paper is 1 1/2 pages long. My paper is 1 page long. My paper is less than 1 page long.
Did you include your facts in your paper? I included at least twenty facts in my paper. I included 13 to 20 facts in my paper. I included six to twelve facts in my paper. I included zero to five facts in my paper.