Endangered Species of North America
(A Webquest for 5th Grade)

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Designed by:  Christie Walcott and Amy Savarese




     This webquest is designed for you to research endangered animals that inhabit North

America.  You will be able to choose which animal that you would like to research, and 

design a plan for helping the animal be removed from the endangered species list.  You 

will also become familiar with the Endangered Species Act of 1973 which protects 

species in danger of becoming extinct.


You will be researching the endangered animals of North America.  Keep in mind that these

animals could one day be extinct from our planet without their careful preservation. 

Everyone must be aware of the urgency to save our endangered animals.  Do you think 

that you are up for the task? 


1.  Choose one endangered animal to research.  

2.  Collect information about your animal.  Visit 3 different sites 
     and document your references.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Kids Planet

3.  Create a plan to save that animal from possible extinction and  make 2-slide Powerpoint presentation that describes your plan and lets us know about your endangered animal.

Click here to view information about saving endangered animals.

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You will be graded based upon your Powerpoint presentation creativity, information, and 

reference list.  A rubric will be used to grade the presentation.  Be ready to explain what 

you learned about the endangered species that you chose to research. 


Scientists from all over the world have worked intensively researching threatened and

endangered species and worked hard to protect animals from extinction.  We hope that

through this webquest you are made more aware of the endangered species in North

America and try to get involved with protecting the animals in your area.

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