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This webquest for third and fourth graders is an adventure in learning 
about butterflies that takes place primarily over the internet.

The Task
The Process

You have just been transformed into a new species of butterfly
and I have just "discovered" you. Before I present you to the "world,"
I will need to know some things about you. What do you look like?
How big are you? Why? What are your colors and your pattern?
Why? Where do you live? Why? What do you eat? Why? 
Do you have any natural predators? Who? Why?

After all our new "butterflies" are comfortable with their "new selves" 
(have finished their webquests), we will have a Butterfly Bazaar to
present all the new "butterflies" to our friends and families.

Your task is to find the answer to all the questions listed in the 
introduction by surfing the World Wide Web -- The Internet.

Some hints: Make sure that what you like to eat is found where you live.
Also, remember to tell about the caterpillar that you were before  you became a butterfly. Caterpillars also look a certain way, eat certain things, and may or may not have predators. In addition, consider the following questions: As a butterfly, what will you do all day? How will your world change? What will you see? What does it feel like to fly? Will you think differently as a butterfly? Will you think in words or pictures? What will be important to you? Do you care about other insects? How has your world changed? In what ways are you different from a moth? What would you like people to know about you? Can you come up with other questions that would be important to you in your new life as a butterfly?

Before you get started, print out this form to help you record your answers:
Information Form

Listed are some sites on the World Wide Web 
that contain information that you need for your plan. 

Before you start exploring on your own, 
let's review some of the things we've already studied.
1. The Life Cycle of the Butterfly
2. Monarch Butterfly Wintering Grounds
3. Parts of a Butterfly
4. Moth or Butterfly

Now that you've done some review, take your form (from The Task step)
and start searching for the answers to your questions.

You can use the reference cites listed under Resources
or you can use one of the search engines that we've used before:

Kids Tools for Surfing the Internet
Ivy's Search Engine Resources for Kids

Click Here for Some Words of Encouragement and
Everything Will Work Out Perfectly!
You can do it!

Your evaluation will be:

1. the successful completion of your Information Form (all blanks answered fully)
2. the costume and oral presentation you give at our Butterfly Bazaar, and
3. a short paper that you write--"What I liked best about my butterfly webquest."

You've just been on an exciting adventure to discover more
about your new species of butterfly. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And remember, You've Got the Power to make your dreams come true!

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last updated July 17, 2003 

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