Wiring and New Lab

Central Wing

This wing contains two wiring closets. It has four hubs. There are two Leap Labs with twenty positions is each. Five drops will be added to the existing lab that is not networked. There will be nine printers available to be dispersed throughout the builing.

South Wing

There are two wiring closets with five hubs.

East Wing

This wing has one wiring closet and one hub.

West wing

This wing has a large network server and router located in the Administration offices.

Level Two

The second-story level of classrooms has one wiring closet and 4 four hubs.

New Lab
5 drops $625
1 hub$200
4 laser jet printers$2,000
6 color printers$1200
20 computers$28,000
nic cards$600
I Destination Station$3,000
1 cart$200
4 scanners$1,000
LCD projector$5,000
1 professional digital video$1,800
25 surge protectors$375