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Our Family Reunion

A Web Quest for the 
Smith Family Reunion

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Modern families are so mobile; it's hard to keep up with even your closest family members. It has been seven long years since your whole family got together. You were only six years old at the last reunion, and as you can imagine, everyone has really changed since then! 

Your immediate family is in charge of planning a 2 day reunion for next month. You hope that 30 family members from around the country will attend because you are looking forward to catching up with your long-lost cousins and enjoying some time together. Where could you meet? What activities could you plan that would appeal to all ages? How can you help family members get reacquainted?


Your job is to find a location for your family reunion and research that area on the Internet. Use the information you gather to convince your extended family that they cannot miss the reunion because the location you have chosen is the perfect place to get the family together! 

There is a great deal of information that you can gather on your chosen site such as local weather conditions, places of interest, recreational opportunities, restaurant/hotel prices, regional cuisine, photographs of the area, etc. Show your extended family why this is such a great place to hold the reunion. To make the best impression, you may need to find multiple ways to present this material to your family. For example, you may need to create a PowerPoint presentation, an Access database, a PrintShop or Word pamphlet, and/or a Kidspiration map from the materials gathered. You want to make sure that the family knows what a great reunion you have planned.

  • Step 1: To get started, you will be divided into groups of 5.
  • Step 2: Your group must choose a location for the reunion.
  • Step 3: Decide which member(s) will have primary responsibility for each part of the assignment. Possible jobs might be researcher, writer, designer, mathematician, and presenter. Keep in mind, you are not limited to only these roles.
  • Step 4: Identify Internet sites that you use to gather information.
  • Step 5: Each group member will choose a way to share his/her findings within the group.
  • Step 6: Your group will decide the best way(s) to present its findings to the class.
Use your imagination; you know what your family likes. 
Look below for assignments.
1. One team member will research information on the chosen location to share with the family. You will be mailing this informational packet to the families you hope to see.
2.  One team member will plan a picnic menu. You have a budget of $300 and need to plan for 30 people. For help with pricing information, find an on-line grocery store.
3.  One team member will diagram the family tree. Make sure to include all 30 family members and show the relationships with the nuclear and extended family members.
4.  One team member will create a roster of the 30 family members and provide contact information for each. You'll want to keep in touch with the cousins about your own age, so be sure to include this type information along with contact information.
5.  One team member will organize the group work into a well-planned presentation to the class.
Note:  Go to the Resources page to find useful web sites for locating information or planning your work.
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One measure of your success is that your family cannot wait to attend the family reunion. For the purposes of this Web Quest, however, you will be evaluated using a rubric that measures the quality and quantity of your work produced in the areas from the Process section above.

Now that you have finished with the planning, you cannot wait to get together with your family at next month's reunion. You have learned lots about your location, such as the area attractions and what kind of weather to expect. You feel reconnected to your family after preparing the family tree and roster. You are excited about the upcoming picnic where the family will be reacquainted. You have had only a short time to get everything together, but you've pulled it off. Write a journal entry about what was easy to do, what was hard to put together, and what would you do differently or add if given more time? Why?

A Web Quest for the Middle School
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