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Reading Strategies

Activating Prior Knowledge Use graphic organizer that elicits thinking and discussion about themes or ideas related to text, such as KWL and predict/support charts. Students should read to complete the organizer
Context Clues Have students complete a cloze task activity-fill in missing words, ideas, or concepts.
Drawing Conclusions Create leading questions relating to a passage. Have students respond with their own opinions, thoughts, or ideas based on information from the reading.
Evaluating Create evaluative questions that will lead students to make generalizations about and critically evaluate a text.
Inferring Take a sentence from a text. Have students state the explicit meaning*. They have students guess the inferential meaning**.
Skimming/Scanning Brainstorm a list of textual clues that will aid in skimming/scanning, such as bold-face type,capital letters, dates, key words. Practice skimming and scanning with short passages.
Think Aloud Select a piece of text and model conversation about the process a reader uses. For example, "I don't understand that sentence, I will reread it for clarity."


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