Reading Strategies: Definitions

Good Reading Skills
Reading Strategies

Activating Prior Knowledge - Use prereading tasks to help reader make connections between new knowledge and what is known.
Context Clues - Use words surrounding unknown word to determine its meaning.
Drawing Conclusions - Use written or visual cues to figure out something that is not directly stated.
Evaluating - Encourage reader to form opinions, make judgments, and develop ideas from reading.
Inferring - Give a logical guess based on the facts or evidence presented using prior knowledge to help "read between the lines".
Skimming/Scanning - Assist reader in getting specific info from the text. Skimming is reading quickly to get "gist" of a section. Scanning is reading quickly to locate specific information.
Think Aloud - Engage the reader in a metacognitive dialogue about his/her comprehension of text and the use of reading strategies.
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