Reading Strategies

Developing Good Reading 
Comprehension Skills




  • evaluate text to see if it meets their goals 
  • typically look over text before they read 
  • read selectively 
  • construct, revise, and question meanings 
  • monitor understanding of text 
  • evaluate the text's quality and value 

    Reading comprehension simply means being able to understand what you have read and perhaps give a clear summary of what you have read.  Reading spans all curriculums and is not the sole responsibility of  reading teachers. Every teacher in every subject should be sure to incorporate both reading and writing into their daily lessons. This not only strengthens the students reading skills, but also writing skills. Reading is power and without this precious commodity its "authentic" purpose is not met.

In our everyday lives we are constantly being introduced to some new concepts or venues of media. This media can come in the form of newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. Without the skill of reading, no one would be able to function in their everyday life.

Above are a few strategies that can be used to enhance the readers comprehension skills. Each page will include information,  activities, and lessons.

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Amelia Richardson 2003
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