A Swim through the Digestive System

A Biology Webquest
designed by
Vicki Walls



You are a tiny goldfish who lives in a corner aquarium in the Alpha Tau Omega house on the nearby college campus.  One night during a wild fraternityparty you are snatched up and swallowed by a pledge.  You will spend the next several hours swimming through this guy's digestive system.

The Task

Your task is to write a detailed narrative describing what you see and experience as you pass through the digestive system.  You will describe each organ you pass through as well as describe what would happen to you in each organ if you were actually digested.

The Process

1.  To accomplish this task you will first need to gather some information about the digestive system.  Print a copy of the research sheet provided.  Gather the information you need by answering each question.  Include a copy of this completed research sheet in your completed paper.

2.  Use the following resources to complete your research:

3.  After gathering your information use it to write a narrative describing your trip through the digestive system.

The Evaluation

Your assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:
  • completeness
  • accuracy
  • creativity
Study the example of the grading rubric to get an idea of what you need to include in your paper.


Congratulations!  You made your way through the human digestion system.  What part of the body will you explore next?

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