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EDUC 675 - Special Topics in Elementary & Secondary Education
50% ONLINE - Fall 2014

Library of Congress - Teaching with Primary Sources - Level II
Teaching with Primary Sources - Level II
Persons who have completed LOC-TPS Level I are eligible!

Course Description: An intensive examination of issues relevant to education and the schools. This particular course is designed to address the Level II goals of the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program. This course may be repeated as topics vary for a maximum of nine credit hours. Course theme is Inquiry. TPS Lesson Plan Guidelines will be used.

Level II Goal: The goal for LOC-TPS Level II is to create, teach and evaluate topic-specific, content- informed lessons that integrate primary sources from the Library of Congress and exemplify effective instructional practices.

Course Objectives:

1. identify ways to use primary sources in daily instruction.
2. identify exemplary learning experiences.
3. create standards-based lesson plans integrating primary sources from the Library of Congress
that support effective instructional practices for inquiry-based learning.
4. teach, assess and reflect on teaching experiences using primary sources in instruction.
5. evaluate primary source-based learning experiences.
6. investigate the impact of primary source-based instruction on student learning.

$$ LOC-TPS LEVEL II Scholarships Available $$

The scholarship will cover the tuition costs of the 3 hr. course. Persons eligible for the scholarship are encouraged to apply.

Contact Dr. Cynthia Elliott or (985-549-2221) if you are interested in this opportunity. For information, click Admissions Information.

Southeastern Louisiana University
College of Education
Department of Teaching & Learning

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