In spring 2003, I decided to embark on a journey to receive my masters. I was a bit indecisive about which program to pursue. I was please to know that Southeastern Louisiana University was offering a masters degree in Educational Technology. I thought that it would be the perfect choice with all the technological advances that were becoming available. I realized that soon technology would have an impact on the way I instruct my students.

          The time had come for me to recondition myself to becoming a student again. I was advised that EDF 600 was a good start. The class helped me understand the various types of educational research and its components. I was able to analyze various studies and identify the type of hypothesis, research type, and the type of variable. During the summer 2003, I continued with ETEC 644, this class taught me how to create instructional software and a classroom website. I used HTML and FrontPage to create the web pages. I was able to incorporate the Solar System software in my classroom. During spring 2004, I enrolled in ETEC 620 and EDF 607. ETEC 620 allowed me to find ways technology could be integrated into the curriculum. It also made me aware of adaptive technologies that are available for special needs students.  EDF 607 was one of my favorite classes. I learned how so many philosophies have influenced the way we think, act, live, learn, and teach.

          During the fall 2005 semester, I enrolled in ETEC 660 and ETEC 695. This semester didn’t go as plan due to Hurricane Katrina. Nevertheless, I persevered and continued in the spring 2006 semester. In ETEC 695, I learned about several influential people whose ideas and predictions about the influx of technology in the school and community have materialized today. For ETEC 660, I collected data and analyzed the needs of my school. I also started the framework for my research. Finally, ETEC 680 is where I completed my action research about the use of technology among grade levels and its effects on improving reading and math skills.

          This educational journey has been very interesting. I have met some great people in this program that I still keep in contact with today. The professors were accessible and provided ample opportunities for growth and development.  Dr. Nan Adams has played a significant role in my educational endeavor. She never gave up one me, even though I wanted to give up on myself. She is one of my most influential people in my life.  However, for me the sweet came with a bit of sour. There were many tears of frustration, late nights, and the challenges of single motherhood. There were times when I wanted to quit, but I had some wonderful people in my corner cheering me on. Now that I am at my journey’s end, I realize that I am a survivor. I am resilient. I am able to accomplish my goals with the support of family, friends, and the wonderful faculty in this outstanding program. As I am faced with another challenge which is to defend my electronic portfolio, I am overwhelmed with emotions of excitement and nervousness. I plan to use my newfound knowledge as an educational technology coordinator in Ascension Parish School System. I want to prove myself worthy of a Masters of Education in Administration and Supervision with a concentration in Educational Technology and Leadership.