Scott Lindsey
ETEC 645
Distance Education 
     ETEC 645

Web Quest
Career Planning

Who am I ? 
What is important to me ?
Where will I be ?
How do I get there ?


Career planning can be a life long process........
Some people find the "Perfect Job" right away and are happy forever.  Unfortunately, most of us don't.  Some people never find what they are looking for.  You may ask yourself "What can I do today to help me find a good job or a satisfying career ?"

Today's self assessment assignment is a good place to start.

Before we get started lets look at our objectives for today.

Understand and explain terms:
                   What is a job?
                          What is a career?
                          What is career planning?

Internet/Computer skills:
              Access the internet using Netscape.
                    Complete 2 interactive surveys.
                    Print your results.

Interpretation Skills:
(Higher Order Thinking)
                               Analyze your results.
                    Choose a career based on your analysis.
                    Justify your choices. (both verbally and written)

Terms For Students To Review 
Class Asignment
Teaching Procedures
Lesson Plan
Nets Standards
Career Toolbox

The Career Key
Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D.

The Lesson Plan Pages
EdScope, L.L.C.

Some Thoughts About WebQuests
Bernie Dodge, San Diego State University

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