Title of Lesson Plan: Volcano, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

Brief Description of Lesson III:

     In this lesson, students will develop a basic understanding of the positive and negative effects of volcanoes.


Approximately 2  60-minute class periods

Content Standards Used/Unit Goals/Objectives Supported:

ESS-M-A3   investigating the characteristics of volcanoes and identifying zones where they may occur

ESS-M-A5   identifying the characteristics and uses of minerals and rocks and recognizing that rocks are mixtures of minerals

ESS-M-A7   modeling how landforms result from the interaction of constructive and destructive forces


Lesson Goals:

Students will identify the positive and negative effects that volcanoes may have on our environment.

Lesson Objectives:

TLW investigate the effects of volcanic eruptions using the Internet.

TLW write a compare/contrast paper on the effects of volcanoes using Microsoft Word.


Computers and Internet access for all students


1.       Have students use the Internet or other research materials to research the positive and negative effects of volcanic eruptions

2.     Students will use Microsoft Word to write a compare/contrast paper.


Quality of Compare/Contrast paper