Title of Lesson Plan: Volcano!

Brief Description of Lesson II:

     In this lesson students will investigate volcanic eruptions.

 Students will develop a PowerPoint presentation with their pictures and present it to the class.


Approximately 3    60-minute class periods

Content Standards Used/Unit Goals/Objectives Supported:

ESS-M-A3   investigating the characteristics of volcanoes and identifying zones where they may occur

Lesson Goals:

Students will demonstrate knowledge of volcanic eruptions in their logbooks and a PowerPoint presentation.

Lesson Objectives:

TLW understand that volcanic eruptions that take place near populated areas can be disastrous.

TLW understand the level of destruction caused by a volcanic eruption.

TLW understand that volcanic eruptions can often by predicted.

TLW create a PowerPoint presentation and present it to the class.


Computers and Internet access for all students

Research materials about volcanoes


1.       Review with your students what they have learned about volcanoes.

2.     Present the following scenario to the class. The year is 2002, and a large Indonesian volcano has erupted. It is the worst eruption in recorded history. To make matters worse, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Vesuvius are erupting, all violently.

3.     Divide class into groups to act as teams of volcanologists assigned as aides to the president of the United States. Each group’s assignment is to give the president a report on what can be expected to happen and what steps can be taken to help people cope with the disaster.

4.     First, have students use the Internet or other research materials to locate the volcanoes you have mentioned and learn some background material about each one. They should answer questions such as “What kind of volcanic eruption are we dealing with in each case?” and “How fast is the lava or ash flowing?”

5.     Instruct students to record findings and recommendations in their logbooks. Who is in danger? What are students’ recommendations to save people and towns? How will each eruption affect the environment? How long will the effects last?

6.     Create a PowerPoint presentation demonstrating their findings as volcanologists and have each group present its findings to the class.



PowerPoint presentation (100 points)

Quality of notes in Logbooks