Rebecca A. Bradburn

Graduate Student
Southeastern Louisiana University

This site serves as my web based electronic portfolio and contains projects from the beginning of my degree program. The projects that I have displayed on this website have been completed and submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for completion of a Master's Degree in School Administration and Supervision with a concentration in Educational Technology Leadership.  Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions at

ETEC 630/ETEC 665
Technology Planning and Administration

Technology Plan

ETEC 644
Development of Educational Software

Rainforest Website
ETEC 645
Curricular Design and Course Development for Education at a Distance
Midterm - Webquest
Final - Unit Plan
ETEC 650
Education Telecommunications and the Internet

Networking Project
ETEC 660
Educational Technology Leadership for Change

Academic Improvement Plan
Position Paper
ETEC 688

Practicum Project
ETEC 695
Evaluation of Educational Technology Research

Kuhn Paper

McLuhan Paper
Postman Paper
Healy Paper

EDF 600
Educational Research

Research Proposal
   Additional Classes:  
CMPS 233 -Desktop Publishing

My Resume

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November 05, 2002