The Educational Technology Leadership Concentration of the Master of Education in Administration and Supervision Degree at Southeastern Louisiana University is a project based curriculum focused on developing the individual in three main domains: (1) technology skills and techniques, (2) leadership and (3) the ability to evaluate, design and conduct research. While a degree program does consist of the didactic portion of course attendance and completion, what this portfolio attempts to develop within the individual are communication skills and a reflective, holistic understanding of the vision and leadership required to be an effective educational technologist.

As part of this developmental process, students are required to develop various projects and products. Various artifacts of these projects are maintained in an electronic portfolio to demonstrate the growth of the individual student. Students are required to reflect on their experiences in the program and maintain a process portfolio of their work. As part of the summative program assessment of these artifacts and others that the students may choose to include are formally presented for defense before a committee of graduate faculty members that have served as mentors to the student.