Task Order Form Evaluation Rubric
Web Quest
Santa needs you!
        Santa is over loaded with requests for Christmas and needs
 your help.  You will shop at the listed Internet sites for toys 
for a child your age.  You must select 10 different items.  You 
are to spend $250.00.  You need to get as close to $250.oo 
without going over. You must use at least 3 of the listed sites. 
And you will show the final cost of the toys.

Step 1:  Print out the order form by clicking here.Order Form

Step 2:  Shop the listed sites for toys, filling in all
                information on the order form.  Be sure to include
                 the name of the toy, site where found, and the price.

                        A B C Distributing
                        Toys r Us

Step 3: Cauculate the final cost.  Remember, get as close to
                $250.00 as you can without going over, and only one of
                each toy.

Step 4: Turn in to teacher for a grade.

ETEC 645

Roxy's Renditions provided the background.
 emailsanta.com   provided cursor chaser

Erin Stark October 2005