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Vision Statement
     Clearwood Junior High fosters the education of the whole child: academically, physically, socially, 
and emotionally.We will accomplish this by engaging each child in the learning process, setting high 
expectations that are developmentally appropriate, and creating a safe, comfortable, and technology rich
learning environment.  Clearwood will strive to meet the needs of every child every day.  Students benefit
from active involvement and participation of parents and community, which is encouraged by both our
website and PTSA. 

Mission Statement
The mission of Clearwood is to prepare all students to be life-long learners in a rapidly changing highly technical society. This is the responsibility of students, faculty, administration, and parents. Students: will acquire educational and technology skills at appropriate grade/developmental levels. Faculty will: provide students with opportunities to acquire skills, provide safe comfortable learning environment, as well as model and use technology in meaningful ways to support learning. Administration will: provide teacher and staff development opportunities, invest in state-of-the-art equipment and services, and continuously maintain and upgrade its instructional technology base. Parents will: support students, administration, and faculty. To help us to accomplish these goals please click on your title above to complete a survey. 

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Goal 1: Improve technological literacy among the faculty and staff by increasing school based training and providing information on opportunities of instruction in technology. 
Objective Evidenced by Time Line
Faculty with technological expertise will conduct in-services based on needs surveys. Scheduled workshops with sign-in sheets. On-going
Faculty will attend technology workshops, then in-service others on acquired knowledge using allocated funds.  Workshop certificates On-going
Teachers will receive training to create project based learning activity using technology. Projects Teachers should have at least one project by May 2006.
Teachers should have one project per subject/course taught by May 2007.
Teachers should have 2 or more projects per subjet/courses taught by May 2008. 

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Goal 2: Teacher integration of technology will allow students to use technology as a tool for learning, critical thinking, and problem solving. 
Objective Evidenced by Time Line
Teachers will use technology as part of a multi-sensory approach to reach all students. Lesson plans On-going
Teach students school rules and parish policies for responsible use of technology.  Lesson plans Taught at beginning of year and reviewed on regular basis.
Teach use of effective technologies that help improve student achievement, such as Perfect Copy, Type to Learn, or LEAP prep web sites. Lesson plans On-going 
Students will do presentations and projects, using technology after appropriate instruction. Lesson plans and student projects On-going.

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Goal 3: Technology will be utilized to facilitate communications between staff, faculty, and the community. 
Objective Evidenced by Time Line
Teachers will be trained and use E-mail as a method of communication with students, parents, other faculty and staff. E-mail correspondence Trained Fall of 2005 then ongoing.
Students will be taught to use E-mail as a method of communication. Students and parents will then be encouraged to use E-mail to correspond with the school. E-mail correspondence Students taught by Jan. 2006, then on-going.
After training, Teachers will create and maintain a page on the school's web site as a communication tool. Web Page Web page created by Jan. 2006, Maintenence will be on-going as needed to stay current.

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Goal 4: Maintain and upgrade the computers, related hardware and software throughout the school. 
Objective Evidenced by Time Line
Technology committee will oversee the maintainance and up keep of all hardware and software.  Needs surveys, Meeting notes  On-going
Committee already established,
new surveys at beginning and middle of each school year
Teachers will monitor working order of all hardware and report problems to Technology Committee. Report forms indicating any problems. On-going,
Report forms submitted as work needed
Technology committee with grade level/departmental committes will assess the needs of the school, and new software will be purchased.  Needs surveys, Meeting notes, new software  On-going, 
Needs reviewed each year,
software purchased as budget allows
Additional computers will be purchased for classrooms and outdated equipment will be replaced.  New equipment Year one: at least one networked computer in each classroom for teacher use.
Year 2: 6 networked computers per classroom to meet the needs of future curriculum design units.
Year 3: 33 networked computer stations in each of our 3 labs.

Network Plan
A network plan will be fully developed in ETEC 650.

Clearwood's Floorplan

Technology Budget
A technology budget will be fully developed in ETEC 650.  Budget will include expenitures for hardware, software,
training, and consumables.  Possible income sources, such as school budget, parish allocations, and grants, will
also be identified.

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ETEC 630/665 

Technology Use Agreement 

Clearwood's Technology Plan 

STPSB Technology Plan 




Erin Stark July 2005