Professional Development Plan


Technology Is Loved by our Teachers !

One goal of Faculty Development is to provide responsive technology training. 


Objective Time Line
Existing Technology committee will continuously revise and update Technology Training. On-going
Administer technology needs and technology inventory surveys. Based on surveys curriculum based workshops will be offered that incorporate activities that can be brought back to the classroom. Surveys at beginning and end of each year, workshops will be ongoing.
Technology Committee will make the faculty aware of technology training opportunities through postings on daily attendance sheets. As opportunities occur.
Follow up evaluations of the training will help determine if the training was useful in the integration of technology in the classroom after each training session.

Participants will be given certificates that can be used to meet the Parish's six banking hour requirement, state required CLUs, and for SACS credit. 


Training Trainers Rewards Facility Consumables Hours
Committee Meetings
Tech Committee T.I.L.T T-shirts $150.00 Library $25.00 for Snacks/meeting 1 hour/month
Curriculum Based Training Tech Committee Certificates showing banking hours, SACS Credits, and CLUs. Library or 8G Lab at school $100.00/Workshop for handouts and snacks, Maximum of $2500.00/year. Determined by needs survey, minimum of 6 hours/year.
Parish Designed Training Provided by Parish Stipends or Banking Hours, SACS Credits, CLUs Provided by Parish Provided by Parish Hours based on Workshop

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Erin Stark July 2005