Lesson PLans 

Grade Level:  Pre-K; Kindergarten
Curriculum Area:  Social Studies

LA Standards and Benchmarks in Social Studies:

Adapted from the National Educational Technology Standards
- TLW use technology tools (e.g. publishing, multimedia tools, and word processing software) for individual and for simple collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities for a variety of audiences.

Lesson Goals
Students will explore bears using the teacher created webquest. 

Lesson Objectives:

  • TLW work independently to learn more about bears.
  • TLW complete activities presented on webquest.
This lesson will be assessed by:
  • Teacher evaluation of journal
  • Teacher observation of independent work.
Technology Connection:
TLW be able to acess my webquest through the computer lab.  TLW be able to explore to learn more about bears.

Prior Knowledge:
TLW be familiar with computers.  TLW also have knowledge of a webquest.  

After introducing the letter "B" and discussin bears, the students will go to the computer lab.  To being the lesson I will show the students how to move through the webquest and briefly explain what is expected through the Avery Key.  TLW each have his or her own computer to explore through the webquest.  The para and I will walk around to make sure the students are doing what is needed.  We will return to the classroom where the students will complete their journal assignemnt.  In the classroom I will pull up that one page to remind the studetns what is expected.

The studetns will be able to bring home their journal to discuss at home their class project.  Also, for the parent meeting, I will pull up the webquest to share with the parents.

Higer Order Thinking Skills:

  • Students used comprehension skills when they demonstrated the ability to explore through the webquest.
  • The students were able to complete assessment at the end of the webquest.

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