Welcome to Algebread.  I developed this site as an introductory unit for my Algebra 2 classes.  We begin the year by baking Amish friendship bread and reviewing basic concepts that will be necessary for success in this class. The links below  will take you through the variety of topics.

  • About Bread: This page includes recipes and historical information for Amish Friendship Bread, as well as bread related charities.  Also included is my classroom lesson plan and a little bit more about me and the development of this website.
  • Arithmetic :  Like it or not, many algebra students have some arithmetic weaknesses.  Although we don't have time to cover these topics in the classroom, the links on this page provide resources for students to review.
  • Algebra: This section includes topics that we will review before continuing, as well as some lessons specific to our friendship bread baking project.
  • Discrete math
  • Tools for success: This section includes lots of links for help with problem solving, study skills, technology and other keys to Algebra success.